About Mark Simpkins

Mark Simpkins is a part time research fellow in digital design at Central Saint Martins, in the Design Against Crime / Socially Responsive Design Research Unit.

I am also available for freelance technical project management, architecture and consultancy work. I have recently worked on impossible.com, The National Funding Scheme as well as work for DACS.

Previously I delivered the Vogue iPad edition for Six Creative and before that I was a Technical Project Manager for the BBC for 9 years, working on a number of sites and projects, including the BBC’s Games Strategy and Games Grid.

He has also worked on civic software projects such as ConsultationProcess.org which started the craze to make government documents open and annotatable. He also worked with some other MySociety.org volunteers to build both IVotedForYouBecause.com and TheyWantToBeElected.com for the 2005 UK General Elections. (Yes come the next election they will be back and ready).

Once upon a time he built a version of the LazyWeb and called it LazyGov something that could have become a mysociety if it was not so sarcastic in its naming. (http://www.opolitics.org/blog/archives/4, http://sgp.me.uk/weblog/2003/08/07/, http://web.archive.org/web/20031220212809/www.benhammersley.com/dparchives/004238.html#comments, http://web.archive.org/web/20031224220135/http://www.lazygov.org/archives/000003.html where one of the posts http://web.archive.org/web/20040706111341/www.sparklefluff.com/blatantoptimism/archive/000440.html in the comments had a quick message from one Stef Magdalinski about them toying with converting Hansard into a blog. James Cronin then posted the link. If only I knew what I was doing).

He has given presentations at the Oreilly Emerging Technology conference, in 2005. ‘Public Documents as Weblogs‘ was given with Gavin Bell. He was also presenting at the Oreilly Emerging Telephony conference 2007 on the topic of Socially Responsive design.

He is interested in sustainability, art, activism, play and games. He sometimes wishes he was a journalist covering events in the world. He now does that vicariously by following the work of fellow geekyoto conspiritor Ben Hammersley.

He can be contacted at mark AT geekyoto DOT com. Or connect at LinkedIn.

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