17th May 2008, Conway Hall, London – GeeKyoto’08

The date is set, the venue booked (and a deposit, deposited). Something is going to happen.
Those of you who attended Russell Davies Interesting last year should be on familiar territory here, but for those who do not know:

We have booked Conway Hall, in Central London for a Saturday. The 17th May 2008 to be precise. The doors will open 10am and we will finish around 4.30pm (we have to be out of the hall by 5.00pm). After that, well we will be in a pub later to continue the discussion.

Tickets will go on sale soon, we will release them in a couple of waves. A site with more detailed information will be up soon, here at geekyoto.com.

Oh yes, thats the final agreed upon name, ‘geeKyoto’, Green tech and ideas is a theme but just part of a wider remit.

The day itself, everybody in the main hall, there will be presentations of up to 20 minutes, with a number of shorter 3 minutes ones as well. There will be a lunch break, and an afternoon quick tea break. More details of the structure will be here soon. Also we will start to let you know who we have speaking as well.