What Just Happened?

Saturday 17th May 2008, Conway Hall, London UK.

The day was overcast but the hall was bright with ideas.

I just wanted to say thank you to so many people, so to start:

To all our speakers, each of which put on an amazing show with little more guidance than ‘fix the broken world’.

To Eric who set up the video so that we should have a recording of all the talks (and taking a load of photos that we will post up soon).

To the staff of Conway Hall for keeping such an amazing venue going, for having everything set up in the morning when we got there and being helpful throughout the day.

To Russell Davies who put on interesting2007 last year and then shared the how with us. I can’t wait till this years interesting.

To everyone on my linkedin list who got spammed with the question ‘If I arranged a conference would you come?’ and a link to my original blog post. That so many said yes meant that I had to do something.

To Ben and in fact Ben (Saunders this time), whom I both emailed with ‘sorry to bother you but I think I have a daft idea, do you think its worth persuing?’ and both getting back to me within minutes with a positive and a ‘lets do this’. That Ben has been as excited and passionate about doing this as I have has meant that there was a conference for you all to attend.


Thank you to all of you for attending and then blogging and flickr-ing the day.