Some videos

Yes, it is taking far too long. I will try and get more videos encoded and online.

In the meantime I do have a couple up there.

We have videos for Christian Nold and Vincenzo Di Maria currently available at vimeo.

I have also posted the video of Bryony Worthington speaking about Sandbag at the Internet Archive.

There was no rhyme nor reason why these videos were posted first, apart from the fact that Bryony has recently ‘officially’ launched which is also the first site to form a part of the Guardian Environment Network. Excitingly geeKyoto was a catalyst for Bryony getting a lot of the support that has gotten her to this launch and we are all very excited for her and the project.

I will get all the videos posted up to the Internet Archive eventually, please feel free to link and to distribute them as widely as you can.

Also, get ready for geeKyoto 2009 ‘Possible Futures’. More details soon.