A residents reading list

I have recently completed my residency at the Lighthouse Studios, where I developed a couple of projects, evolving Emotional Infrastructure and Palindrone.

Since I was trying to be at the studio at least two days a week and I live in London, this involved some train time. Not unknown for people to commute along this line but for me it was an extra couple of hours on the train. I thought I would list the books, reading material that I had with me on this journey too and from Brighton.

In no particular order:

  • Paul Virilio: Desert Screen
  • Paul Virilio: War & Cinema
  • Paul Virilio: Speed & Politics
  • Paul Virilio: Pure War
  • Steve Goodman: Sonic Warfare
  • Manuel DeLanda: War in the age of intelligent machines
  • Michael Ignatieff: Virtual War
  • Raymond Wacks: Prtivacy, A very short introduction
  • Eyal Weizman: Hollow Land
  • Geoff Manaugh: BldgBlog Book
  • Muhammad Yunus: Creating a world without poverty
  • Ethan Zuckerman: Rewire
  • McKenzie Wark: The beach beneath the streets
  • Guy Debord: The society of the spectacle
  • Slavoj Zizeck: A year of living dangerously
  • Patrick Kieler: The view from the train
  • Adam Greenfield: Against the smart city
  • Medea Benjamin: Drone Warefare: Killing by remote control

I have probably forgotten some things, papers read and books which I dipped into rather than read cover to cover, but the list shows where my head was at for the last couple of months (and now).