We Are All Here – Sidewalk GeoScopers

[This was a project outline written in 2005]

Sign people up to become Sidewalk GeoScopers, take their laptops
out onto the street and show people the world as a system. Taking the
idea of the sidewalk astronomers, but getting people to look at us,
see what is happening elsewhere in the world etc.

[[At the time I shared these ideas with Tom Igoe and he was kind enough to give me some feedback:

That’s neat too. It reminds me a bit of the bluetooth pollution monitors that Ben Hooker et. al. worked on as part of the equator project. Again, here binoculars or magnifying glasses might be good metaphor to work with.]]

Plan for some big interventions (ok, this i want to do in NYC,
cos the UN is there) but do building projections etc of this stuff,
allow people to interact with teh geoscope data via their mobile
phones, as i put it light up the city with the world.

[[Love that idea. You should look at the work of Shimon Attie. His subjects are nothing like yours, but he’s got an aesthetic for building projection that’s fabulous. Wouldn’t it be a blast to be able to project right on the side of the UN building? Imagine it as a magic mirror looking out on the world.]]