We Are All Here

Back in 2005 I was playing with the idea of building a set of installations and interventions that were meant to trigger feelings and thoughts related to realising that we are all of this one earth. A grand gesture and one that is not an original one in art, philosophy or activism.

Is it worth re-visiting these ideas? As they stood they were little more than a few words in an email client and a few scribbles in notebooks. Today I am much closer to having the skills to realise some of them, though I also hope I have a better set of critical tools to examine why I wanted to build them and asses if they would still stand up to the task in hand.

I have posted them here, together with some feedback that Tom Igoe was kind enough to give me on the original ideas. They are here so that I can point to them in writing about what I do and to point back to my original thinking on certain things when new projects appear that frankly are the same echoes in my head trying to get out.

For a while I had the domain though none of this ever actually made it onto there.