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‘What Is The Exact Nature of The Catastrophe?’

In July 1968, New Worlds magazine asked this very question:

New Worlds July 1968 Cover. Issues #182
New Worlds July 1968 Cover. Issues #182

Now is the time to pose the question again, back in 1968 science fiction writers took that challenge and produced some of the bleakest yet compelling dystopian and catastrophe based works ever written.

Now some of those same writers throw up their hands as they cannot imagine worse than the world is putting forwards right now.

geekyoto 2009  London

  • Date: TBA
  • Time: 0900 – 1730

‘What is the exact nature of the catastrophe?’

Speakers (subject to change):

Dr. Maxwell Jones – Manchester University

Jody Boehnert – Eco Labs

Patrick Andrews – River Simple

Gavin Starks – AMEE

The Beagle Campaign

Suw Charman Anderson – Ada Lovelace Day

and more to be confirmed.

join us. Tickets will be available soon.


The date has to change, I will be posting an update to the date and venue shortly and tickets will be available as soon as I can confirm the new date.

geekyoto 2009 – August 15th Conway Hall

Just a note, though it has been quiet at gk HQ in fact we have been rather busy.

Just this last weekend, we ran the first Africa Gathering, here in London as the launch of the geekyoto global briefings. It was an amazing day and we will have more reports here and over at the AG website.

We are also planning some more events but I did want to say that the next geekyoto conference is provisionally booked for August 15th, back at Conway Hall.

The theme this year is:

‘What Is The Exact Nature of The Catastrophe?’

Yes, there will be more information soon and tickets released.

global briefings

Part of the idea behind geekyoto was to find a way to find out about places, what is happening in the world around us, what can we take into our lives. Equally it is about the general wonder we should all feel about other places on this planet, other peoples lives. With such a rich tapestry of places, peoples and culture we should relish the adventure of just finding out about somewhere else.

With this thought in mind I am extremely pleased to announce that geekyoto is working with Edward Scotcher on what we hope will be the first of a series of events about other places on this planet. The geekyoto Global Briefings.

If you got to geekyoto 2008 you might remember Edwards talk about Africa and technology and his wonderful telling of the story of Fashoda. If you can not remember or did not make it you can watch a video:

On April 25th 2009, in London we plan to hold Africa Gathering a day for thinkers, supporters, sponsors, doers, geeks, dreamers – and everybody else to come and share, promote, highlight, progress and evolve issues related to ICT, social networking and technology in Africa.

We hope that you will join us.