‘What Is The Exact Nature of The Catastrophe?’

In July 1968, New Worlds magazine asked this very question:

New Worlds July 1968 Cover. Issues #182
New Worlds July 1968 Cover. Issues #182

Now is the time to pose the question again, back in 1968 science fiction writers took that challenge and produced some of the bleakest yet compelling dystopian and catastrophe based works ever written.

Now some of those same writers throw up their hands as they cannot imagine worse than the world is putting forwards right now.

geekyoto 2009  London

  • Date: TBA
  • Time: 0900 – 1730

‘What is the exact nature of the catastrophe?’

Speakers (subject to change):

Dr. Maxwell Jones – Manchester University

Jody Boehnert – Eco Labs

Patrick Andrews – River Simple

Gavin Starks – AMEE

The Beagle Campaign

Suw Charman Anderson – Ada Lovelace Day

and more to be confirmed.

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The date has to change, I will be posting an update to the date and venue shortly and tickets will be available as soon as I can confirm the new date.