all watched over by machines of loving grace

Adam Curtis’ new series is here ( and so far, from the first episode it feels more confused than the previous outings.

Lets start:

The real problem was, what was it really about. It was about Power and how the new ideas of the digirati have not replaced the traditional points of power in the global system. This is just a quick response, but I would urge you to read Lessig’s Code and Douglas Rushkoff about the commodification of social media.

I expect the next episode will include Buckminster Fuller and James Lovelock, also have a look at this project by Christian Nold.

I want to write more about this, the idea of our reliance on models and simulation is part of the cause of the economic crash, allowing an out of touchness. The commodification of our online selves continues appace. Every month I see a tweet about ‘If you are not paying then you are the product’ or some variation.

We need new ways of thinking about organisations, structures of power. Although confused in some ways I think Curtis was right, the old hierarchical power structures have continued to manipulate and keep themselves in power. Small cracks might be appearing.

more when I can focus my thoughts.