Hang (art) Westminster!

Apparently the Government Art Collection has been allocated £104,000 for buying new pieces of art in 2011/2012, according to this article from the Telegraph.

This figure is down on last year’s spend, which, again according to the article quoting Ed Vaizey was £194,000.

The art is displayed in Government offices and other public buildings. Some of it is in storage.

Now, in line with the Big Society, I suggest that we supply them with some new art. We should submit our art in the same way as submissions are made to the Summer Exhibition. The art on the walls should not show the state of the nation, the creation of us the people.

This could be a new public art collection, we can gift it to the Nation, as long as we know that on the offices of Whitehall, Ministers and their advisors have to walk past the images that represent our current state of soul!

I propose to post a regular brief, create an artwork about… and invite submissions. All submissions will be a part of the collection, though of course all rights are your’s the creators to do with as you will.

If you own a gallery and want to show the peoples art then let us know :)

and submit your art via hangwestminster@geekyoto.com