Cool news ideas

Whilst thinking about the new news idea of course I have been influenced by many other ideas, projects already out there and posts.

  • Demotix – a new news wire. Feeds from citizen journalists, a new route for photojournalism. Demotix is really exciting.
  • Contextify – This was an entrant in the 2011 Knight News Challenge, an idea around a service to help put stories in context, something that is missing in most regular news stories but something that using online we could and should do much more of. Our ability to go deep into a story, not just be superficial should be celebrated and vital. This plays into my wish for something slower, more considered. Important things take time to understand.
  • Richard Pope – Is always doing interesting, cool and amazing things especially around local news and information.
  • Wikileaks – It is causing some interesting discussions right now and whether you think its right or wrong it is making waves.
  • Heather Brooke – Amazing work, Freedom of Information requests and broke the MP’s expenses scandal.
  • Adam Curtis – His work on the BBC is always interesting. His blog has continued this, its never what you expect, its strongly his voice. It is a must read / watch, always.
  • James Bridle’s Historiography – James’ talk at dConstruct in 2010 was amazing, vibrant, angry and just the thing to make my mind whirl. This, this is important.

None of these sites, projects or people are involved in the new news idea but they are there in my cognitive space that helped form what it is that I wanted to imagine and would wish to build.