tooling and talking about policy – the UnParty UnConference

We are getting close to hosting a first, test UnParty UnConference, as space to meet up and spend a few hours talking policy, ideas and how to talk about policy.

To help this along I have started ‘designing’ a policy notebook, once again using bookleteer.

Policy Notebook #lazygov #bookleteer

Its still in alpha, so if you have any feedback then let me know, but it is just a tool to note down a policy ‘idea’ and has prompts through the booklet to help you start to think about it.

An interesting idea was suggested by Chris Thorpe, write a user story for your policy. If you can’t do that then there is probably something wrong.

Frankie Roberto also has an interesting site, Policy Positions, which he wrote up on his blog. It lists the policies from the UK.Gov site and allows you to declare your support or opposition to the policy.

So, please have a look at Frankie’s site and also the notebook, and share your thoughts and feedback on them.

When I have the date confirmed I shall post about the first meet up.