Week Notes – 25/11 – 01/12

(Sorry these are late and I need to do a report for the last week as well)

A very mixed week, Jimmy and I tool the Little Printer over to Kensington & Chelsea’s council offices to try and get it connecting in their cafe space.

The idea here is to install LP for a week and allow people to print out small snippets of stories from the local area.

We have developed the relevant kit to get LP up and running in places, its a little bit convoluted but it works:

* Little Printer
* The Berg Bridge
* A travel router. This can connect to Wifi, 3G dongles and has an ethernet port.
* 3G Mifi. (We don’t have a 3G dongle but a MiFi, so we are setting up the mifi and using the travel router to connect to that via wifi and share the connection).
* A powered USB hub, to be able to run the router, mifi and the Raspberry Pi.
* A Raspberry Pi – This is what we currently have to trigger the printing of the information.

The current set up involves pressing a button the the Raspberry Pi, which triggers and event out on the internet, which then sends a direct print message, via Berg Cloud back to the Little Printer.

It’s not ideal, Little Printer is not designed for this situation, so there is a delay from pressing the button to getting the output but it does demonstrate how it all could work, being able to get such information in a physical form.

Jimmy came back over on Thursday where we tried the set up again a few times, this time from within my kitchen, but we had and end to end solution up and running. We also learnt a fair bit more about how Berg Cloud works and how we might tweak and improve what we want it to do.

We do need to migrate away from the direct print ‘API’ to use the official push API on the Berg Cloud, which is something I have known about for a while but now really need to get done. Whilst the direct print route was fine for a quick demo, to make anything more robust we do need to use the push API.

Monday evening was also fun as I went along to the Regent Street Apple Store to see Lily talk about impossible.

Tuesday and Wednesday was filled with meetings about work at CSM and other potential work in the new year.

Sunday, after battling some of the London Transport Infrastructure I got back down to Brighton to attend some of the first Brighton Crypto Festival, held at Lighthouse and organised by my fellow resident Chris.

Friday I was over at Lighthouse and was thinking again about the Emotional Infrastructure project, I am planning a show and tell for a weeks time and starting to join up some thematic points into some kind of narrative.

Re-reading the situationsists as well as the recent book by Bradley Garret ‘Explore Everything’.

In fact delving back into the discussions on stacktivism and infrastructure fiction in an attempt to try to explain and justify what I am trying to do with the Emotional Infrastructure diaries.