week notes – (2/12)

Hardware vs Software.

The end of last week I had my kitchen table like this:

Tuesday I dropped into ThingMonk, and spoke with Matt Webb of Berg briefly, about, amongst other things the split between electronics and web technology. BergCloud and their dev kit is trying to move things back to web technology.

That said, by thursday my desk looked like this:

Thats a raspberry Pi with the camera module attached. Its not doing what I want yet, but I am trying to work through the steps here, to get OpenCV and the Camera module working, with some face recognition.

Wednesday I was down at Lighthouse but then ruches back into town to the Open Data Institute, who kindly allowed James Smith and I to host the first UnParty UnConference. The evening was, I think a great success and I will be posting the notes from the meeting here on geekyoto later this weekend. Outcomes from the meeting include the wish to try and disrupt the political party model, try to encourage more evidence based policy making and for me to work out some kind of paper on the subject.

Whilst at the ODI I did spot one of the drone/googlemap instagram magnets that I had given to Gavin.

The images were made a few months ago, just by holding my plastic drone model over the laptop screen showing google maps.

The three images I made initially are below:

I made them into a set of magnets from Stickygram:

During the week I have been reading more about the Situationists as well as some more about sound and fear, finding this book whilst in Shoreditch:

Sadly we had to cancel Lily’s talk at CSM and hope to re-schedule this in the new year. If you haven’t already do check out Impossible.