Art, Archive and Help

I need your help!

I need people who are willing to be recorded answering the three questions on the ‘What does privacy mean?‘ project.

Those questions again are:

  • What does privacy mean to you?
  • What does protection mean to you?
  • What does security mean to you?

I will be using the audio in a piece called The Numbers Station, which is designed to be an audio installation both physically located and occasionally broadcast over radio waves (a la numbers stations).

The audio will also be released with a creativecommons licence as a part of the archive for ‘What does privacy mean?’ (which will include written responses to these questions as well as submissions submitted via a web form).

The aim of the archive is just to record the feelings of people on those three questions. If your opinion changes you can do it again, there is no right or wrong answer and I fully support the idea that you have the right to change your mind about anything.

If you would like to take part in the audio part of the project then please either email me at or ping me on twitter @marksimpkins and we can arrange either meeting to record or you sending an audio file.

Please do share this request with anyone who you think might be interested in taking part. When the audio is released it will not have any information pertaining to who you are.

If you have any questions as well then please email me as well.

Thanks and I hope to hear a lot of your answers soon.

[By the way: I am geocontrol On Audioboo and on Soundcloud if that helps to get your recording to me.]